Monday, 26 July 2010

Im joining an erotic book club...!

I am so excited that my idea for an erotic book club has been taken up by over on there forums The Vibe.

i have always wanted to be a part of a book group but have never really had the chance to join one. so when was asking members of there forums what would they like to add to the forums i was first to ask for an erotic book club and I'm so happy that they snapped my idea up and made it a reality!

i have read a few erotic books in my time, but it has only been recently that i have found some erotic books that I've really enjoyed and floated my boat.

so I'm hoping that this erotic book club will help me to find more books that i like and to give me the chance to talk with others about erotic books and what they like and think of books.

so this is how the book club is going to work

1) The erotic book club is starting up on the 1st of august 2010, and then a new book will be set for the 1st day in every month.

2) Every person who has noted there interest in being apart of the book club in this thread, over on The Vibe will get a code sent to them which will then allow you to buy the set book for half price!

3)will all buy the book, read it then head over to the Vibe and go to the erotic book club section and discuss the book.

simples! :-)

i have decided that every month, i will write a blog post telling everyone which book this month were going to be reading and adding my thoughts and feelings!

so its all going to get a little bit erotic book wormy around here soon!

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  1. Glad to see you at the Book Club over at The Vibe! We will be doing a special feature for our first book in August so make sure you keep an eye out!