Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags UPDATE...!

Hello folks

i just though i would give you a bit of an update to my previous post about the Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags.

The main update about the Crazy Random Grab Bags is that they have in fact increased in price, the are now selling for £24.99!

The update is that the female bags are currently on pre order, and are not being sent out until about the 27th of August and are also limited to one per customer!

The other bit of news is that the other bags in the range will all be going live over next week and the following weeks after.

it seems that Lovehoney.co.uk will be selling them one bag at a time and doing it on a pre-order basis and limiting the different types of bags as one per customer.

so if you want to try and gt your hands on a Crazy Random Grab bag from lovehoney.co.uk click here!

however i do have some brilliant news, which is that Sextoys.co.uk still have all of there secret swag bags in stock and still for only just £20.00! not only that there ready to be dispatched straight away and have no limitations on the amount of bags you can purchases per customer.

I have also been informed they still have many high end items including toys from the Lelo and Tenga ranges to be sent out in some of there secret swag bags! so get yours today by clicking here!

hope this helps you guys out who are interested in these types of goodies and if you get your hands on some of these goodies bags please let me know what you got in them and where you got them from as im a nosey moo! :-)

happy shopping folks!


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