Friday, 17 August 2012

Review:- Lelo - Black Pepper & Pomegranate flickering touch massage candle

I was sent this massage candle to review back in may (i know, im awful for only just writing this review but i do have very good reason, operations and hospital stays)!  by the lovely peeps.

The candle is packaged in a very stylish black box with white writing and a swirl of colour which matches the handle on the candle top itself. The candle is housed in a thick black glass jar with a silver top and plastic pinky/purple handle. It looks extremely classy and stylish and i leave my candle out on my bedroom dresser with no worry of anyone coming in and knowing we indulge in a bit of erotic massage every now and then!

The scent of the candle its self is very subtle and light and is neither feminine or mescaline so great for an all round massage oil for either sexes. The candle i found does not burn very evenly at all and has burnt a lot lower down in the center and leaving a large amount of wax around the outside of the candle. which doesnt make for a very economical product on this front.

The idea of massage candles is to play on the senses, at first the flicking candle light, the soft pleasing scent of black pepper and pomegranate to the then warm silky oil that is left to be dripped onto naked flesh.

So how to use the candle, light the candle and let it burn for around 20 to 30 minutes before you plan on giving your massage, once this time is reached blow out the candle and leave for a few mins to let the jar cool. The wax in massage candles is a special wax that is designed to burn at a lower temperature so that when you do pour the lush warm wax over yourself or partner it is, just that warm and not first degree burns kind of warm! 

A little doesn't go a long way i have found with my massage candle which is a shame as the packaging and frangrance is so nice that i never want to use it all up, saying that this is a luxury product with a very reasonable price tag of just £19.99 meaning its very affordable to replace.

Two thing i do really like about this product is the fact that the scent is subtle but long lasting and the second thing is it doesn't leave a sheen or sticky residue on my skin. which i have found with lots of other massage products which normally leave me wanting to hit the bathroom soon as the massage is finished!

Bottom line from me...
A lovely classy little product that would go well with a gift of a blind fold and some sexy lingerie for a romantic and imitate time together.

 Product information...
Buy your very own Lelo flickering touch massage candle for just £19.99 plus free postage and packaging from by clicking here.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Lovehoney Summer Sale

Just wanted to let you all know that lovehoney has its massive summer sale on at the moment with up to 75% off many of its items! lovehoney also offer free postage and packaging (which has always arrived the next day for me if i have ordered before 4 pm)! and lovehoney have oh points which are a naughty version of your nectar card points! meaning you can save them up to get free sex toys!

below are two sale items that ive picked out to tell you about as i think they are total bargains!

Sportsheets Sedeux Glam Silicone Dildo 


 £18 for a 100% silicone dildo is a real steal it also has 5 stars the highest a product can be given by reviewers! It is 6 inches in length, smooth with a beautiful curve that is sure to hit the right spot. This dildo is also harness compatible as well!

Bondage Boutique Tie & Tease Bundle  

 You get 7 items in this excellent value for money bundle of bondage items, everything you will need to start your journey into this kinky side of you, you get...

Cotton Shibari Rope, 

Neoprene Wrist Cuff Restraints, 

Leather Spanking Paddle with Studs, 

Soft Blindfold, 

Luxury Suede Flogger Whip,

Fluffy Feather Tickler, 

Xtreme Leather Basic PVC Ball Gag.


So head over to the lovehoney sale to grab some bargain and collect them oh points!


Lovehoney Summer Sale



Monday, 11 June 2012

Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Review...

I was very lucky to be sent a couple of Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel tubes (in the mini and midi sizes) from the lovely Give Lube folks to test and review.

The Premium Aqua gel lube is a very light water based lube that is transparent, orderless and truly moisturizing which doesnt leave a sticky residue like I have found with most other lubes out there.

I must confess that I am quiet fussy when it comes to lube and I have not changed my choice of lube for a good few years now, having thought I had found my perfect lube for my self and my partner. However being sent these products goes to show that it is always a good idea to try something new every now and then as I love this lube as equally as my favorite lube.

Like my previous favorite lube The Premium Aqua gel is orderless, ever moisturizing and doesn't ever get sticky. Unlike my old favorite The Premium Aqua gel is colorless, has aloe vera extract, comes in a range of three sizes (30ml, 100ml, 250ml) and all of which are very affordable, which I think gives this brand a massive bonus.

You can use this lube with your lover or toys knowing that it is both condom and sex toy friendly and not only that but your only have to reach for the bottle once as I have found in my extensive amount of product testing that I have not needed to reapply once.    

I know this review is pretty short and sweet, but really what more can I add? This is a really good quailty lube, that is affordable and comes in a range of sizes to suit everyones needs. Its skin, toy and condom safe and is CE marked as a medical grade product, to put your mind at ease that this lube will not irritate your body.

Its changed my lube buying ways, so i have to give this lube a massive thumbs up.

You can follow Give Lube on twitter by clicking here and see there website by clicking here to find out more information about Give Lube, there products and other stockistsl

You can get your hands on any of the mini, midi and maxi sized bottles of Premium Aqua Gel lube from which offers free postage and packaging along with lots of other fabulous special offers. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The life and mind behind an online sex toy store.

I'm Sure like most of you, you have often wondered what goes on behind the doors (well computer screens) of online sex toy stores, I know I have.

Well in this blog post I'm hoping to spill some of these unknown facts and secrets, helping me to do so is, James, the CEO of Naughty Nights UK, a online dropshipping company of all things buzzy and naughty.

I asked James what made him want to run a online sex toy store as its not your normal run of the mill career path and was pleasantly surprised with his inspiring and entrepreneur tale....

When I was at school, I had a born ambition of becoming a C.E.O. - I sold sweets from my locker and got caught on several occasions. I was always in trouble! I started getting condoms off ebay when I was 16 and re-selling them on ebay for 3 times as much. I even sold them at school! When I turned 18 I decided to go into sex toys. After all, sex does sell! My first online sex toy store was called Cum In A Jiffy UK. After two years I decided to open up Naughty Nights UK. - As you can imagine, running two at once was hard work but after a month or so I got used to the day to day running of the business. 

After finding out that James has been selling sex related merchandise since the age of 16 I wanted to know how people reacted when telling them what he does for a living...

People tend to be in a state of shock. The air goes silent and you get very strange looks! - Nothing like saying you sell dildos for a living.  

I then asked James, was running a sex toy store any different from running other retail websites?

My job is roughly the same to other online retailers, I look after the company and run it to it's maximum potential. You can work more hours than many and at most of the time sleep is only a 2 hour thing for me. Yes, you could say I'm a work-a-holic. You can however have more fun and get a better insight into customer service and the retail environment. 

Lastly I had to ask James what is the weirdest thing a customer has contacted him about, as he was bound to have a much more interesting reply then if I was interviewing someone from marks and sparks!...

The most weirdest thing a customer has contacted me about is, if we stocked a hitachi magic wand that had 3 massagers on, with a cock and balls attachment. I could imagine it as some kind of death trap in one. 

Not only is James very young to have a string of successful business, he also gives back to the community by holding regular charity raffles on naughty nights uk website, where the people who shop with him and take part in his online community via the naughty nights uk forum get to suggest which charity should be the one to gain the proceeds of the raffle and PR coverage, giving the little less known charities more of a chance to be heard about. James also tells me he is looking into ways to help support charities further.

You can find Naughty nights UK by clicking here and follow them on twitter by clicking this link
and lastly you can follow james himself on twitter by clicking here.

I hope you guys have found this blog post has given you a little bit of an insight into this subject and answered some of then nosy questions we all think of when wondering what it be like to work for an online adult store.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Information on a series of blog posts coming to you over the coming weeks...

I have been busy the last few weeks thinking about blog posts i have been wanting to write for a while and have finally plucked up the courage to go about writing them!

over the coming weeks I'm going to be publishing blog posts i have written from interviews i have conducted with the following folks

- A online sex toy retailer
- A mistress
- A slave
- Folks who are poly and in poly relationships
- A sex chat operator

The reason for these blog posts are for greater information on these subjects, i don't really know much about them myself and im pretty sure a lot of people don't. so i have decided to ask the questions we have all wanted to ask and know about to give a greater understanding about these topics.

keep your eyes pealed over the next day or so for my first blog post in this series which starts with the interview of an owner of a online sextoy company!

Happy 10th Birthday LoveHoney!

Well LoveHoney have hit a big milestone and have turned 10 years old this week!

Happy Birthday folks!

To celebrate LoveHoney have gone mad with special offers for 10 days along with running many competitions via there twitter page, forums and blog!

                       10 Days of Offers until the end of April

click the above picture from now until the end of April to find out with new birthday deals the LoveHoney folk have in store for us!