Friday, 15 October 2010

October's book for my erotic book club is...!

Sorry i am a bit late with announcing this months book, things have been pretty busy here for me so I'm quiet behind with my blog!

anyway with out further ado here is Octobers book of the month...!

Sex Positions 101

This months book is a handy manual which answers couples most commonly asked questions when it comes to wanting great sex.

Inside the guide you will find great hints and tips, techniques, diagrams, games and even a few naughty secrets!

and not only is it only £9.95 for this month only it comes with a free inflatable wedge pillow that you can use to enhance your naughty times together.

so don't delay, get yours today by following this link.

read enjoy and don't forger to come over to the vibe, to talk to everyone else about this months book!


Friday, 3 September 2010

Septembers book for my erotic book club is...!

Hello Folks!

Can you believe that its now September already?! which means that its been a month since our last erotic book in our erotic book club! and that its now time for a new one!

so here is this months erotic book for September

Foreplay By Sylvia Dupree

This Months Book is a sexy, sensual and seductive guide to the art of passionate and erotic foreplay for you and your partner.

With over 60 pages offering you many sexy hints and tips and 74 erotic photos showing you real couples what to do this teasing little guide is sure to make you a foreplay expert that gets you and your partner very hot under the collar!

There is a wide range of topics covered in this foreplay book with a little bit of everything from movies, masturbation, bondage, erogenous zones and much more.

so get your copy today from by clicking on this link here!

and follow this link to come and talk about it over on the Vibe with the other members of erotic book club!

you may also like to add this Geisha Hiroko Gift set to aide you in your foreplay education of teasing and pleasing with its sensual massage oil, red feather tickler and its powerful massager which offers 5 levels of different vibrations to take your partner to heaven and back!

get yours today by clicking here!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags UPDATE...!

Hello folks

i just though i would give you a bit of an update to my previous post about the Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags.

The main update about the Crazy Random Grab Bags is that they have in fact increased in price, the are now selling for £24.99!

The update is that the female bags are currently on pre order, and are not being sent out until about the 27th of August and are also limited to one per customer!

The other bit of news is that the other bags in the range will all be going live over next week and the following weeks after.

it seems that will be selling them one bag at a time and doing it on a pre-order basis and limiting the different types of bags as one per customer.

so if you want to try and gt your hands on a Crazy Random Grab bag from click here!

however i do have some brilliant news, which is that still have all of there secret swag bags in stock and still for only just £20.00! not only that there ready to be dispatched straight away and have no limitations on the amount of bags you can purchases per customer.

I have also been informed they still have many high end items including toys from the Lelo and Tenga ranges to be sent out in some of there secret swag bags! so get yours today by clicking here!

hope this helps you guys out who are interested in these types of goodies and if you get your hands on some of these goodies bags please let me know what you got in them and where you got them from as im a nosey moo! :-)

happy shopping folks!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags...!

I am a member of a couple of forums and these two bags full of naughty goodies have been the topic of many discussions. and at the moment are one of the hot topics as people are waiting for the crazy random grab bags to come back in to stock.

Each Bag from either company are full of completely secret and random toys from vibrators, dildos, masturbators, butt plugs, fetish items and lubes. You just don't know what you're gonna get but what both companies grantee is that it will be worth at least twice as much as you paid!

And there has been reports of some pretty high end items in bags from both companies, i myself got a we vibe 2 in my female bag and my OH got a very expensive high end pair of fake boobies worth £100 in his! (however i have the only boobies his aloud so they had to go :P lol). bag of goodies are called the Secret Swag Bag and they offer five different types of bags...






They are all priced at £20.00 each and all are currently in stock at the moment, just waiting to be bought and shipped out! you can get yours by clicking here! sell the Crazy Random Grab Bags and they also offer five different types of bags

.Male Toys

.Female Toys

.couples Toys

.Bondage Toys

.Anal Toys

They are all priced at £19.99 each however they are all completely out of stock at the moment, there is a rumor that the bags will be back very soon, some even saying this week! keep looking at this link here to get yours when there back in stock!

a very fun and exciting offer that i thought i would share with all of you, go on treat yourself to something completely secret and random and let me know what you got!


Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Review of the Vibe Therapy serene 7 Function Silicone Twist Vibrator.

Here is my Review for the Vibe Therapy Serene 7 Function Silicone Twist Vibrator.

I have been really lucky to be able to test this toy out for and what a pleasure it really has been to test!

First of all the delivery service from is simply amazing, it is very fast and hugely discreet. No one will know what naughty purchases you have made, which if like me and you still live at home with parents or with others is simply a must have when buying this kind of products.

Now on to the toy, it comes in the most stylish white packaging with colourful swirls and bold classy writing, which is also not excessive in anyway, which many other toy ranges should take notice of!

Once out of its classy box and in my hands I could feel and see just how well made this toy is and of the richness in its quality. The silicone in which this toy is made of is of the highest medical grade standard. The vibe is surprisingly firm considering that when you run your hand over it feel oh so silky soft. The ridges are exactly the same; firm but so soft that they will not cause anything other then pleasure.

Now on the controls of this vibe,
They are like the rest of this toy, simple, perfect, classy and easy to use. You have two buttons, one to turn the vibe on or off and then a large button that you can change the toys many settings to. This button also lights up when the vibe is on and according to what setting you have it on, it will do different things, for instance on just vibration setting it will stay on however switch to a pulse setting and the light will flicker in time with that setting. Very handy when you find your favourite setting and know what to look for when you want to find it again!

The vibrations settings and pulses on this vibe are simply lovely; there will be a setting for everyone with this toy, from soft vibrations and pulses to extremely powerful ones. So most defiantly something from everyone with this toy, and not only does it offer such a wide range of speeds and settings it is also not an overly noisy toy either.

This is however a rather large toy, it most defiantly has a very large girth, compared to my other toys but I wouldn’t let this put you off if you have problems taking larger toys as this makes for an extremely lovely clitoral toy. I do also think that if you was very relaxed and used lube this would be a fabulous toy for giving you some g spot stimulation as it has a lovely shape to it and has them stimulating raised twists.

Overall this is an extremely classy luxury vibe that I highly recommend, to me it has no bad points that I can see at all and its not often you find a toy that is perfect from its packaging to its vibration to its noise level.

Simply put it makes for an excellent edition to my hugely over filled toy box and which I feel will be come one of my all time favorite and I am sure yours too.

To Buy your very own Vibe Therapy serene twist vibe from click here!


Monday, 16 August 2010

This months book for my erotic book club is...!

Hey folks :-)

I am so sorry that i am so late in letting you guys know which book the erotic book group am part of is reading this month. its just typical isn't it, when you have lots of stuff to do you lose your net!

Well this months book is The Education of Victoria By Angela Meadows.

The story is about a English women called Victoria who is sent to a finishing school for young ladies, where she thinks she will learn how to become a good wife. however she soon starts to learn a lot more then cooking, how to run a house and needle work.

Victoria along with her french school friend soon learn the real way to a mans heart and they both follow there lessons with enthusiasm.

Through Victoria's education at continental Venus School for Young Ladies she soon discovers her feelings, longings and wants of her own.

So when Victoria's father's business meets disaster she uses her new found talents to survive...

You can Buy you copy of this months book by clicking here, for just £4.99 for this month! and don't forget once you've read The Education Of Victoria come over to The Vibe via this Link and come and talk about it with everyone else who is part of The Vibes, Erotic book club!

you might also like to add a Lady finger vibe for just £2.45 to help relive the sexual tension that's sure to mount up while your reading this months book!


Monday, 26 July 2010

Im joining an erotic book club...!

I am so excited that my idea for an erotic book club has been taken up by over on there forums The Vibe.

i have always wanted to be a part of a book group but have never really had the chance to join one. so when was asking members of there forums what would they like to add to the forums i was first to ask for an erotic book club and I'm so happy that they snapped my idea up and made it a reality!

i have read a few erotic books in my time, but it has only been recently that i have found some erotic books that I've really enjoyed and floated my boat.

so I'm hoping that this erotic book club will help me to find more books that i like and to give me the chance to talk with others about erotic books and what they like and think of books.

so this is how the book club is going to work

1) The erotic book club is starting up on the 1st of august 2010, and then a new book will be set for the 1st day in every month.

2) Every person who has noted there interest in being apart of the book club in this thread, over on The Vibe will get a code sent to them which will then allow you to buy the set book for half price!

3)will all buy the book, read it then head over to the Vibe and go to the erotic book club section and discuss the book.

simples! :-)

i have decided that every month, i will write a blog post telling everyone which book this month were going to be reading and adding my thoughts and feelings!

so its all going to get a little bit erotic book wormy around here soon!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Review of Climax remote egg...!

I was lucky enoth to be sent this product by to review for them! (fingers crossed they will pick me to review something else for them soon, as they are such a lovely company with really nice people working for them and who are so happy to help you)!

so heres my review for the climax remote egg!


One remote I’m happy to give up!

I have always wanted a remote egg toy, however they have always been rather to expensive for me to purchase so when I was sent this to review for free from I was over the moon!

This arrived very promptly and well packaged which was also plain, giving no hint to anyone who came in to contact with it what lay inside. (Bonus if you still live at home like me)! The packaging for the remote egg I was pleased to see was really tasteful not a half naked women or cartoon in site!

I was quite surprised at to the size of the egg; it is on the rather large size compared to the normal egg vibes you get on wires. But is made of a lovely smooth pink plastic, The egg also comes with an applicator to help you insert the egg inside you, which I think would be a real help for people who have problems inserting things inside them, it also helps the egg to go inside you deeper. The one thing I must tell you is the wire that is connected to the egg that you use to pull it out is plastic, which I think is really important as you can clean all of the egg and wire unlike if it was made of material.

The egg has many a speed and function and has a wide range of powerfulness; there is most defiantly a speed and function to suit everyone. I also like the fact that you don’t have to go through all of the speeds to turn it off like you have to on most toys; it has an off button on the remote!

The remote control is also very easy to use, with there buttons showing clearly what each one does. It also has a little light on it to till you that it’s on and flickers when you change the settings. Another thing this remote has is a little areal so that it has more range to give the signal to the egg.

I haven’t used this toy outside of the house, but it works all over the house and apart from each other, so id say you’d have fine signal if you was out and about together using it. The egg isn’t the quietest toy on the planet and unless you were in a club or a busy pub I wouldn’t really try it as I think people would hear the buzzing.

Another small down side to this was, where the egg screws together there is a slight gap that to me makes it not very water proof and which put me off putting the toy inside me so I just used it on my clit.

It’s very easy to clean and to store and is overall a very nice toy that I would recommend if you’re not to bothered about the noise and are looking for this kind of toy.

to have more of nose at the climax remote egg or to buy yours, click here!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm an Award winning blogger...!

Well i know its been a while since my last blog post and since just before me having an operation, I've some what abandoned here, but I'm sure you all understand why i haven't been ready to be in my full blogging swing yet!

so i was rather surprised and very touched when i was informed that i have won not one but two "your blog is hot awards"! by two fellow bloggers The Cara Sutra and Naomi's Naught secrets!

How it works is that when you are chosen, you get to choose 5 other bloggers that you present the 'Hot Blog' award to.

The winners then make a new blog post with the 'award graphic' and nominate 5 other blogs (via their post but also let them know with a comment and a link)... and so on!

so as I'm a good girl and keep to the rules ;-) here are my five nominees!

Der Kuss Des Vampir

Diary Of Slave Malcom

Dirty Secrets

The M and S Testing Spot

The Virgin I Was And The Pervert I Became

sadly 4 of my 5 nominees didn't have headers that i could copy and paste on to here, but please go check out there blogs, i really enjoy them and think there hot!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It has been to many weeks since I last felt you deep inside me, with nothing between us, just being skin to skin. And now tonight is the night that is thankfully going to change that.

I’ve spent hours getting myself ready for tonight, ready for you, ready to feel your strong manly body against my soft, smooth, delicate skin. Your mouth on mine your tongue gently probing and dancing with mine, your hands running down over my body and back up to my large firm breasts, wandering to my increasingly hardening nipples.

Picking out new underwear that I know you will love, and love even more to un-wrap me from for yourself to devourer me, when the touching and teasing has gotten to much and all you want is to feel me around your hardness. To feel the tightness that you have missed for weeks, the heat that comes from so deep inside me and the wetness that eases you in and then to go deeper and deeper into me.

My hair and make up done to make me look sultry and sexy and so hungry for you and the closeness we have gone with out for so long. Knowing that soon your hands will be in my perfect hair; messing it up and pulling on it. Because my glossy lips are leaving smears of colour all over your shaft from my hungry kisses, licks and sucks, bringing you ever closer to the edge of pure bliss.

Laying out and lighting candles moments before you arrive, I lay down on the clean sheets on the king size bed; waiting for you to arrive, waiting for you to part my legs and go between them while your lips are on my neck and your hard cock just milometer’s away from clit. Waiting for your kisses to arrive to my DD’s and then for your lips to wrap around my hard nipples while you slowly ease your firm cock between my wet lips and gently start to thrust yourself slowly into my tight, wet warmth. Mmm the feeling of nothing between us is amazing and excites us both so much, leading to you to thrust faster, deeper, harder. With my hands gripped on to your arse pushing and pulling you to go deeper in side of me tightening myself around your cock to excite you even more and to bring you closer to orgasm. The feelings and thrusts deepen and fasten and I tighten myself up around you as much as I can bringing us both to orgasm, your hot spunk pumping deep inside my pussy which is throbbing around your shaft coming down from the heights of intense pleasure.

Finally the door to my room opens and the waiting is over, soon we will be together with nothing in-between us at all…

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A new find...!

Over the last 4 to 6 weeks i guess its been, I've been hearing some really good things about a new online adult store called so me being me, which means a totally nosey moo i thought i would check them out for myself!

and so far from what I've found they seem like a brilliant company with lovely caring staff, fun competitions, cheeky sex toy videos, a forum called the vibe and best of all good low prices, with a promise to price match if you find something cheaper else where! and all of this is wrapped up with the thing i love most FREE postage and packing and FREE returns! oh and did i mention if you spend over £10 they will give you a free gift as well!

I'm yet to buy anything from there at the mo as I'm a bit poor after buying gifts for T for our 2 year anniversary and saving up to get a flat!

but I'm hoping i soon will have some spare penny's and also hoping that i will one day get to review items for (on there forums, once a month they ask for people to put there name down if they would like to test products, and yup your correct I've already put my name down)!

So now here are a few my wants!

First is the Nature skin real vibe

This vibe is covered in a silky soft coating that is meant to make the toy feel really realistic, and with a curved looking bulbous head it looks sure to rock the G spot stimulation!

next on the list is some Femme Ben Wa Balls

Ive been looking to buy some Ben Wa Balls for a while, but have been put off by a lot as the string connecting the two balls together, else where has been just material string which i feel cant be terribly hygienic! But with these balls the string connecting the two balls together is coated in the same silky smooth material as the two love balls!

Tenga Flip Hole Black

I really want to get one of these for T as his had the strokers, the fleshlight and the eggs but this is just one of the male masturbators that has yet to make it in to our toy box and at over £70 its going to be staying that way for a while! i really wanna find out for myself, well through T if it lives up to the hype that surrounds it! plus I'm a perv and love to watch him use his toys or hand or use them on him! ;-)

Next would be something from the HUGE range of LELO toys that sell, i quite fancy the look of this one, the LELO Elise

Ive been hearing more and more about lelo toys and so far its all been good things. i esp like the fact there rechargeable so no more hunting around for batteries! they look so sleek and elegant and just something that shouts total luxury!

And lastly on this shortened down list (i could add so much more things i want from! is the sextoys vibrating love ring...

From the pictures on they look pretty similar to the Ann summers joy riders cock rings which was one of the first cock rings i had ever tried out and they really was amazing but so over priced i cant tell you! these however look a good match and at a much much lower price! in fact you can get them for free from as a free gift if you spend over £10! bargain central!


Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Naughty Treasures...!

Well its been a while since I've last blogged, but I've finally started to feel like i can get back in to my blogging. so to ease my self in i thought i would share some pictures with you of my very naughty treasures!

Here's the boys toys...

which are the Tracy cox super sex stroker, The head honcho, the Tera Patrick fleshlight, a lusting kiss and The Tube!

Here are the condoms, lubes, body paints and massage lotions...

Next we have the sex Dice, naughty playing cards, an adult game and naughty DVD...

Now on to the bondage section...

And finally we have the rabbits, the sqweel, We Vibe 2, the cock rings, bullets, dildos, glass and probably much much more....

so there is my naughty collection of treasures! have you spotted anything you have got yourself already? or anything there that is on your wish list of goodies you really want?

i know not a huge post, but i will get back to my old blogging ways. this ones just to break the ice!

hope youve enjoyed looking at my bits...! (:P )


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

coming home and a birthday all in one week...!

hey folks

just thought id let you all know that i came home on Monday! yay apparently everything went well re the OP, so apart from a little bit of pain and quite a bit of discomfort i should now be in my healing time and taking things easy for a while, which means for now still a little longer break from writing my blog!:-( (i find it all very hard to focus on anything at the moment, think its all the drugs they've given me over the last week to be honest)!

along with coming home this week Ive also got my birthday to look forward to tomorrow! well i doubt it will be that fab as I'm not up to doing anything at the moment and I'm completely off my food at the mo due to feeling so sick and un-comfy in the tummy area. (all of which I'm told is normal so please dont worry).

its just so lovely to be home and to sleep in my own bed!


Monday, 12 April 2010

A Blogging Break...

hey followers

just a note to say im very sorry for the lack of new blog posts over the last few weeks but im due to go in to hospital tomorrow so ive not really been up to much blogging!

ive started a many new post in draft but i dont seem to be able to progress any of them!

anyway just to let you all know im going in to hospital tomorrow evening and i will be having an op on the 15th so i dont think you be seeing any new blog posts from me for a few weeks.

but soon as im on the mend i intend on carrying on with my blog, so please dont stop following just give me a few weeks break and hopefuly i shall be back to my old blogging self!

keep your fingers crossed for me!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter promise...!

If you haven't noticed the towers of chocolate eggs, the masses of cuddly toys and the many deals on rabbits! you wont know that it is in fact so very nearly Easter!

I'm off chocolate at the moment and i never been one for cuddly toys so that just leaves me to the sexy side of Easter! and I'm very, very much in to this!

So here's my guide on getting yourself a very sexy and naughty Easter outfit this year...!

For a women instead of going with the normal and oh so boring bunny girl outfit why not got for the real women rabbit outfit! forget play girl bunnies, go the the oh so sexy and sultry look of Jessica rabbit!

For my Jessica rabbit look i have picked out this stunning red dress from ASOS as you can see from the pictures it will really show off your curves, keeping a classy look about you but has the little hint of naughtiness in the back with the cut out back sections!

Under the dress i have picked out this lovely sexy little lingerie set, i think the pleating on the cups looks super sexy and in the bright pink colour is in keeping with the spring time fun! another brilliant factor about this lingerie set is that the thong is actually a garter thong so there is no need for suspender belt and the time old hassle of having to undo everything when you want to go to the loo!

To go with the suspender thong i have found these lovely nude coloured Cuban heel stockings. i think the nude colour would look so much better then black as it will just add some tone to your natural skin colour but having them in a Cuban heel just adds a nice little sexy twist!
Team the stockings with some fabulous fuck me black shoes, maybe with a trimming of red like these ones from lovehoney.

Now to finish the outfit off, I'm going to add some rather dashing and sexy long Velvet Gloves to add a touch of class.
And of course the famous rabbit ears, I've gone for this black pair as i think the colour will work best with the outfit! add the tail to your sexy undies when your out of the dress to become his rampant Jessica rabbit!

And dressing up isn't just for the ladies no! why don't you become her naughty roger Rabbit this year?!

Grab yourself some cheeky boxers like these ones and buy yourself the Lovehoneys Bunny Set with Bendable Bunny Ears and your be set for a humping good Easter!

on that note i wish you all a very Happy Naughty Easter!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Blog post recommendation for you guys...!

hello lovely followers!

just a quick post to recommend you all go have a look at this blog post Morbidia's Guest Blog - Vampires and Our Erotic Fascination With Them, over at LoveHoney! it was written by a really good friend of mine and fellow blogger!

also if your not following her, go take a look at her blog Der Kuss Des Vampir and check out all the fab things she has to say and share! from vampires, to love to down right smoking hot underwear!


Friday, 19 March 2010

Boys Toys...!

following on from my previous post about how I'm going to be out of action in the bedroom department next month after a Major operation on my stomach. i thought i would make a post about the toys out there for men!

T never really showed any interests in men's sex toys but me being a total perv wanted him to try one out!

so i went over to LoveHoney and had a look at all the weird and wonderful toys they had for men! and wow not only is there so many different types there is also a hell of a lot of weird ones as well!

after a look around i decided to pick stuff from in the ranges of male masturbators, sleeves and strokers, Tenga and fleshlights.

so over a period of about a year i got T the following male toys...

His first toy was the Sue Johanson Head Honcho, along with being very highly recommended to me it also ticked all my boxes while researching what toy i wanted to get him. First of all it is clear which is good if your a perv like me and want to watch whats going! I also decided that the opening had to be that of a vag as i thought it looked better and id prefer to watch him fucking something that looks like a pussy then say something that looks like a really bad mouth. were also both not in to anal so the arse ones went straight out of the equation! T really seemed to like the honcho, it most certainly got explosive results when we used it. However the honcho in our experience really doesn't seem to have a long life, just after a few weeks the honcho created a massive rip in its side. LoveHoney was kind enoth to give me a free replacement but that to didn't last much longer. which put us off getting another honcho and so put us back in the market to look for a new toy for T!

My look out for a new toy for T coincided with a LoveHoney sale! which included quite a few new male masturbators! so this time i really just bought for price as i was able to buy T two new toys for the price of one!

My first sale purchase was the Doc Johnson The Tube, which is basically what it says on the tin! its a UR3 material tube with internal ridges to stimulate. It really isn't anything to look at and did have a slightly sweet horrible plastic/jelly/rubber smell to it. but apart from these things it has become a firm favourite toy for T. The tube is really holding up well unlike some of the other toys his had and its also lost its horrible smell.

The second sale purchase was the Perfect Pussy masturbator, this was a bright pink quite solid rubber toy that was an extremely tight to get in to and internally. this was quite fun to use, as it was so difficult to put on. there was more then one occasion when the perfect pussy went flying across the room! but boy when on and in use did it make T come hard, he was a leg wobbling, knob sensitive, tired heap on the bed! sadly the perfect pussy had to be binned after just a few weeks as it looked like it had some kind of reaction with another toy.

Next toy to be bought for T was one of the Tenga eggs, as i wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding this range. i decided to go for the Tenga egg clicker. this was unlike no other toy we had tried before, it was so much more softer and looked more sleek and cool. But it wasn't as good as the other toys we had tried before and didn't really live up to the hype for us. It did allow us to try more things then what you can do with the other male toys, for example i was able to use it on him while giving him head. Though if your going to do this i would strongly recommend you cover the egg inside and out in water based flavoured lube as what ever the egg is made out of really doesn't taste nice! also be careful if you have sensitive skin, like me as it had irritated the skin around my mouth. The other thing with the Tenga egg is that it is marketed as a one use toy and why yes if you take care and wash it after you've used it, it wont last long as T's was getting thinner and thinner on just the first use! we both wasn't really impressed with this egg but we both have said we would like to try some of the other eggs to see if you really do get a different sensation and also to see what all the fuss is about the Tenga flip holes.

The last toy i got T was this fleshlight! i was Lucky enoth to pick this up on a Christmas day special over at LoveHoney for about £25! where they normaly sell for around £62! a total bargain and so had to be bought! was rather shocked though when it did arrive at just the sheer size of it! it is HUGE! and oh so so heavy! Its quite alot of fun to use even if my arms do get tired very quickly. it really does look like a vag and T tells me it would feel exactly the same as real sex if it was warm/hot on the inside. i find it a huge turn on to watch T fucking it esp if I'm using it on him and his playing with me while he tells me what he would want to happen in his fantasy threesome. There is a lot of fun to be had with a fleshlight esp if your in a relationship as you can act out some of your fantasy's without over stepping that fantasy mark if you get what i mean?!

So out of all them toys only two remain, The Tube and the fleshlight both of which i think will be coming out of the treasure chest a lot over the next month while I'm out of action!

i really cant tell you how much fun they are to use together, esp if your like me and have weak arms! ;-)


PS you can find my reviews on all these toys here!