Thursday, 25 March 2010

Blog post recommendation for you guys...!

hello lovely followers!

just a quick post to recommend you all go have a look at this blog post Morbidia's Guest Blog - Vampires and Our Erotic Fascination With Them, over at LoveHoney! it was written by a really good friend of mine and fellow blogger!

also if your not following her, go take a look at her blog Der Kuss Des Vampir and check out all the fab things she has to say and share! from vampires, to love to down right smoking hot underwear!


Friday, 19 March 2010

Boys Toys...!

following on from my previous post about how I'm going to be out of action in the bedroom department next month after a Major operation on my stomach. i thought i would make a post about the toys out there for men!

T never really showed any interests in men's sex toys but me being a total perv wanted him to try one out!

so i went over to LoveHoney and had a look at all the weird and wonderful toys they had for men! and wow not only is there so many different types there is also a hell of a lot of weird ones as well!

after a look around i decided to pick stuff from in the ranges of male masturbators, sleeves and strokers, Tenga and fleshlights.

so over a period of about a year i got T the following male toys...

His first toy was the Sue Johanson Head Honcho, along with being very highly recommended to me it also ticked all my boxes while researching what toy i wanted to get him. First of all it is clear which is good if your a perv like me and want to watch whats going! I also decided that the opening had to be that of a vag as i thought it looked better and id prefer to watch him fucking something that looks like a pussy then say something that looks like a really bad mouth. were also both not in to anal so the arse ones went straight out of the equation! T really seemed to like the honcho, it most certainly got explosive results when we used it. However the honcho in our experience really doesn't seem to have a long life, just after a few weeks the honcho created a massive rip in its side. LoveHoney was kind enoth to give me a free replacement but that to didn't last much longer. which put us off getting another honcho and so put us back in the market to look for a new toy for T!

My look out for a new toy for T coincided with a LoveHoney sale! which included quite a few new male masturbators! so this time i really just bought for price as i was able to buy T two new toys for the price of one!

My first sale purchase was the Doc Johnson The Tube, which is basically what it says on the tin! its a UR3 material tube with internal ridges to stimulate. It really isn't anything to look at and did have a slightly sweet horrible plastic/jelly/rubber smell to it. but apart from these things it has become a firm favourite toy for T. The tube is really holding up well unlike some of the other toys his had and its also lost its horrible smell.

The second sale purchase was the Perfect Pussy masturbator, this was a bright pink quite solid rubber toy that was an extremely tight to get in to and internally. this was quite fun to use, as it was so difficult to put on. there was more then one occasion when the perfect pussy went flying across the room! but boy when on and in use did it make T come hard, he was a leg wobbling, knob sensitive, tired heap on the bed! sadly the perfect pussy had to be binned after just a few weeks as it looked like it had some kind of reaction with another toy.

Next toy to be bought for T was one of the Tenga eggs, as i wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding this range. i decided to go for the Tenga egg clicker. this was unlike no other toy we had tried before, it was so much more softer and looked more sleek and cool. But it wasn't as good as the other toys we had tried before and didn't really live up to the hype for us. It did allow us to try more things then what you can do with the other male toys, for example i was able to use it on him while giving him head. Though if your going to do this i would strongly recommend you cover the egg inside and out in water based flavoured lube as what ever the egg is made out of really doesn't taste nice! also be careful if you have sensitive skin, like me as it had irritated the skin around my mouth. The other thing with the Tenga egg is that it is marketed as a one use toy and why yes if you take care and wash it after you've used it, it wont last long as T's was getting thinner and thinner on just the first use! we both wasn't really impressed with this egg but we both have said we would like to try some of the other eggs to see if you really do get a different sensation and also to see what all the fuss is about the Tenga flip holes.

The last toy i got T was this fleshlight! i was Lucky enoth to pick this up on a Christmas day special over at LoveHoney for about £25! where they normaly sell for around £62! a total bargain and so had to be bought! was rather shocked though when it did arrive at just the sheer size of it! it is HUGE! and oh so so heavy! Its quite alot of fun to use even if my arms do get tired very quickly. it really does look like a vag and T tells me it would feel exactly the same as real sex if it was warm/hot on the inside. i find it a huge turn on to watch T fucking it esp if I'm using it on him and his playing with me while he tells me what he would want to happen in his fantasy threesome. There is a lot of fun to be had with a fleshlight esp if your in a relationship as you can act out some of your fantasy's without over stepping that fantasy mark if you get what i mean?!

So out of all them toys only two remain, The Tube and the fleshlight both of which i think will be coming out of the treasure chest a lot over the next month while I'm out of action!

i really cant tell you how much fun they are to use together, esp if your like me and have weak arms! ;-)


PS you can find my reviews on all these toys here!

Monday, 15 March 2010

About being in love and being sexually out of action...

Next month i shall be having a Major operation on my stomach and so i shall be out of action in the bedroom department for a while.

This will be the first time in mine and T's nearly 2 year long relationship where we actually cant have sex and even though of course our relationship isn't about sex, sex is part of a healthy happy relationship.

so all of this has made me wonder how it will effect mine and T's relationship. T says it wont at all, that its not like I've imposed a sex ban but am actually not able to because of being unwell/recovering.

However me being a complete worry wort, is scared that T might go off me and or look else where. which of course he wont as his not some selfish sex mad bastard!

I however am just someone who always thinks of the worst and negatively and no matter of how much reassurance i get, i always have trouble accepting it.

T loves me a lot i think, i know i love him with all my heart and i don't know what i would do without him. as he makes me laugh everyday, gives the most amazing hugs I've ever had, enjoys and wants to spend time with me, likes shopping, lets me turn over the football when its on even though I'm at his flat and its his TV and that he wants us to get a flat and live together!

from the silly little things to the massive ones they all make me love, enjoy and want to be with T and i think and hope its the same for him, so yes i am being silly and worrying for nothing. Cos if we feel the same for each other i know i wouldn't go off him or look else where if it was him that was out of action.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ms Diamonds, your personal shopping help is requested...! (1#)

Just days after my some what of a surprise hit of a guest blog over at LoveHoney, offering advice and help on peoples sexy style and shopping needs.

I was contacted by a fellow blogger, Mistress Cara to help put an outfit together for a meal in a rather swanky restaurant, she will be attending for her slave Minnie's birthday.

So what do you dress a Mistress in, while out at a posh restaurant? well that's simple a power suit outfit is most defiantly in need, but power suits with there big shoulder pads and over sized collars are just so 1980s.

So here's my twist on power dressing for the today's women...

A really good fitted blouse and for this outfit I'm going to go for a white long sleeved one, like this one from
T M Lewin.

Now we tuck that white shirt in to a pair of black wide leg trousers with attached braces. This will keep a really nice sharp powerful look flowing not to mention adding lots sex appeal!

Now my favourite bit, the accessorising! to me accessorising makes and completes an outfit and i have picked what i think of some really lovely things for this out!

My first must have accessory for this outfit is, these shoes! I have picked these really high fuck me shoes, to add a bit of naughtiness to the outfit. they will also add some really amazing height and have a heel to make the slave flinch in public!

To go with them fab shoes, i have picked out this gorgeous feather clutch bag! i think this will look so stunning, so sexy, so elegant and most importantly add some femininity to this power hungry outfit.

Now on to the best bit, adding a the finishing touches! adding the bling! and what better bling is there, then diamond bling?! and boy does this outfit come with a lot of diamonds!

My first touch of classy diamonds comes from these diamond cuff links! These will look amazing against the white long sleeves of the shirt and some real sparkle to the out fit!

my next bits of lovely sparkly Diamond blingness, is this most stunning diamond encrusted look ring!

And this pair of large diamond look stud earrings That will look just so sexy and elegant with hair that is worn up in a french pleat!

so there you have it, my modern day diamond encrusted power outfit!

Monday, 8 March 2010

excitement overload!

So all my excitement has been because i was asked by the lovely LoveHoney people to do a guest blog post for them!

to me it was such an honour to be asked to do this, esp to do a post about shopping, clothes, styles and naughtiness! all of which are my most favourite things to do ever!

i really hope people enjoy it and like how i put things together.

it would be fab to hear from anyone who wants some help putting together an outfit be it for a wedding or a night in with there Other Half!

anyway let me know what you think be it good or bad!


Ps i shall be writing some new blog posts for here so keep a look out for more lovely and sometime naughty treasures!

Coming to a website near you...! UPDATE

well todays the day! you shall all see what i have been excited about and going on about for the last few weeks!

i would ask of you to all watch this space and head back here at about 11.30 am for linkage (if all goes well and to plan)!

i really hope you all enjoy it!

and i would love to hear any feedback you have for me once youve seen it!

keep watching this post for updates!


Well its live and heres the link for my guest blog
over at lovehoney!




Sunday, 7 March 2010

Coming to a website near you...!

Hello guys, i just want to say that

Ms Diamonds will be coming to a website near you TOMORROW!!!

so pleases keep your eyes on the alert and keep checking this blog or my tweets over on twitter for more information and linkage!

its all rather exciting and i hope you will be as excited and enjoy tomorrow! wooo

but this is all you shall get out of me for now!



PS just a side not about the bag, its actually the pic on it i was using
as in my lips are sealed! just wanted to clear up any confusion there :-)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Yay! i actually have people following my blog...!

Hello lovely followers! :-D

I cant tell you how lovely it is for me to come on here today and see that i have 7 public followers!!!! (i wander how many if any at all follower me anonymously?)

it is rather a shock to know that people are actually here reading what i have to say, and liking what i have to say enoth to follow me! so thank you very much!

it was also really lovely to hear from a good friend of mine, that she has had several people tell her, that my blogs been a hit and that they all really enjoy my blog!

Ive already had some good things come out of this blogs short start in life already, which if everything goes to plan you shall all see this Monday coming! (that's Monday the 8th of march! the low down and links to follow soon if all goes well and to plan)!

one of the biggest reasons I'm so happy people seem to like this blog and want to keep reading what i have to say, is because I'm dyslexic and so I've always found writing, esp spelling and grammar rather difficult in my life and have always struggled with my eduction, exams and getting people to understand what I'm trying to and saying in writing.

But this blog and what i have been working on thanks to this blog, goes to show that my dyslexia cant hold me back and that people really do understand and are interested in what i think and have to say.

So thank you followers for giving me some lovely opportunity's, for listening to what i have to say (well reading ;-) ) and most of all for building up some more confidence in me!

please keep following, keep commenting and enjoying!

once again