Wednesday, 21 April 2010

coming home and a birthday all in one week...!

hey folks

just thought id let you all know that i came home on Monday! yay apparently everything went well re the OP, so apart from a little bit of pain and quite a bit of discomfort i should now be in my healing time and taking things easy for a while, which means for now still a little longer break from writing my blog!:-( (i find it all very hard to focus on anything at the moment, think its all the drugs they've given me over the last week to be honest)!

along with coming home this week Ive also got my birthday to look forward to tomorrow! well i doubt it will be that fab as I'm not up to doing anything at the moment and I'm completely off my food at the mo due to feeling so sick and un-comfy in the tummy area. (all of which I'm told is normal so please dont worry).

its just so lovely to be home and to sleep in my own bed!


Monday, 12 April 2010

A Blogging Break...

hey followers

just a note to say im very sorry for the lack of new blog posts over the last few weeks but im due to go in to hospital tomorrow so ive not really been up to much blogging!

ive started a many new post in draft but i dont seem to be able to progress any of them!

anyway just to let you all know im going in to hospital tomorrow evening and i will be having an op on the 15th so i dont think you be seeing any new blog posts from me for a few weeks.

but soon as im on the mend i intend on carrying on with my blog, so please dont stop following just give me a few weeks break and hopefuly i shall be back to my old blogging self!

keep your fingers crossed for me!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter promise...!

If you haven't noticed the towers of chocolate eggs, the masses of cuddly toys and the many deals on rabbits! you wont know that it is in fact so very nearly Easter!

I'm off chocolate at the moment and i never been one for cuddly toys so that just leaves me to the sexy side of Easter! and I'm very, very much in to this!

So here's my guide on getting yourself a very sexy and naughty Easter outfit this year...!

For a women instead of going with the normal and oh so boring bunny girl outfit why not got for the real women rabbit outfit! forget play girl bunnies, go the the oh so sexy and sultry look of Jessica rabbit!

For my Jessica rabbit look i have picked out this stunning red dress from ASOS as you can see from the pictures it will really show off your curves, keeping a classy look about you but has the little hint of naughtiness in the back with the cut out back sections!

Under the dress i have picked out this lovely sexy little lingerie set, i think the pleating on the cups looks super sexy and in the bright pink colour is in keeping with the spring time fun! another brilliant factor about this lingerie set is that the thong is actually a garter thong so there is no need for suspender belt and the time old hassle of having to undo everything when you want to go to the loo!

To go with the suspender thong i have found these lovely nude coloured Cuban heel stockings. i think the nude colour would look so much better then black as it will just add some tone to your natural skin colour but having them in a Cuban heel just adds a nice little sexy twist!
Team the stockings with some fabulous fuck me black shoes, maybe with a trimming of red like these ones from lovehoney.

Now to finish the outfit off, I'm going to add some rather dashing and sexy long Velvet Gloves to add a touch of class.
And of course the famous rabbit ears, I've gone for this black pair as i think the colour will work best with the outfit! add the tail to your sexy undies when your out of the dress to become his rampant Jessica rabbit!

And dressing up isn't just for the ladies no! why don't you become her naughty roger Rabbit this year?!

Grab yourself some cheeky boxers like these ones and buy yourself the Lovehoneys Bunny Set with Bendable Bunny Ears and your be set for a humping good Easter!

on that note i wish you all a very Happy Naughty Easter!