Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A new find...!

Over the last 4 to 6 weeks i guess its been, I've been hearing some really good things about a new online adult store called SexToys.co.uk. so me being me, which means a totally nosey moo i thought i would check them out for myself!

and so far from what I've found they seem like a brilliant company with lovely caring staff, fun competitions, cheeky sex toy videos, a forum called the vibe and best of all good low prices, with a promise to price match if you find something cheaper else where! and all of this is wrapped up with the thing i love most FREE postage and packing and FREE returns! oh and did i mention if you spend over £10 they will give you a free gift as well!

I'm yet to buy anything from there at the mo as I'm a bit poor after buying gifts for T for our 2 year anniversary and saving up to get a flat!

but I'm hoping i soon will have some spare penny's and also hoping that i will one day get to review items for sextoys.co.uk. (on there forums, once a month they ask for people to put there name down if they would like to test products, and yup your correct I've already put my name down)!

So now here are a few my sextoys.co.uk wants!

First is the Nature skin real vibe

This vibe is covered in a silky soft coating that is meant to make the toy feel really realistic, and with a curved looking bulbous head it looks sure to rock the G spot stimulation!

next on the list is some Femme Ben Wa Balls

Ive been looking to buy some Ben Wa Balls for a while, but have been put off by a lot as the string connecting the two balls together, else where has been just material string which i feel cant be terribly hygienic! But with these balls the string connecting the two balls together is coated in the same silky smooth material as the two love balls!

Tenga Flip Hole Black

I really want to get one of these for T as his had the strokers, the fleshlight and the eggs but this is just one of the male masturbators that has yet to make it in to our toy box and at over £70 its going to be staying that way for a while! i really wanna find out for myself, well through T if it lives up to the hype that surrounds it! plus I'm a perv and love to watch him use his toys or hand or use them on him! ;-)

Next would be something from the HUGE range of LELO toys that sextoys.co.uk sell, i quite fancy the look of this one, the LELO Elise

Ive been hearing more and more about lelo toys and so far its all been good things. i esp like the fact there rechargeable so no more hunting around for batteries! they look so sleek and elegant and just something that shouts total luxury!

And lastly on this shortened down list (i could add so much more things i want from sextoys.co.uk)! is the sextoys vibrating love ring...

From the pictures on sextoys.co.uk they look pretty similar to the Ann summers joy riders cock rings which was one of the first cock rings i had ever tried out and they really was amazing but so over priced i cant tell you! these however look a good match and at a much much lower price! in fact you can get them for free from sextoys.co.uk as a free gift if you spend over £10! bargain central!


Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Naughty Treasures...!

Well its been a while since I've last blogged, but I've finally started to feel like i can get back in to my blogging. so to ease my self in i thought i would share some pictures with you of my very naughty treasures!

Here's the boys toys...

which are the Tracy cox super sex stroker, The head honcho, the Tera Patrick fleshlight, a lusting kiss and The Tube!

Here are the condoms, lubes, body paints and massage lotions...

Next we have the sex Dice, naughty playing cards, an adult game and naughty DVD...

Now on to the bondage section...

And finally we have the rabbits, the sqweel, We Vibe 2, the cock rings, bullets, dildos, glass and probably much much more....

so there is my naughty collection of treasures! have you spotted anything you have got yourself already? or anything there that is on your wish list of goodies you really want?

i know not a huge post, but i will get back to my old blogging ways. this ones just to break the ice!

hope youve enjoyed looking at my bits...! (:P )