Friday, 27 April 2012

Information on a series of blog posts coming to you over the coming weeks...

I have been busy the last few weeks thinking about blog posts i have been wanting to write for a while and have finally plucked up the courage to go about writing them!

over the coming weeks I'm going to be publishing blog posts i have written from interviews i have conducted with the following folks

- A online sex toy retailer
- A mistress
- A slave
- Folks who are poly and in poly relationships
- A sex chat operator

The reason for these blog posts are for greater information on these subjects, i don't really know much about them myself and im pretty sure a lot of people don't. so i have decided to ask the questions we have all wanted to ask and know about to give a greater understanding about these topics.

keep your eyes pealed over the next day or so for my first blog post in this series which starts with the interview of an owner of a online sextoy company!

Happy 10th Birthday LoveHoney!

Well LoveHoney have hit a big milestone and have turned 10 years old this week!

Happy Birthday folks!

To celebrate LoveHoney have gone mad with special offers for 10 days along with running many competitions via there twitter page, forums and blog!

                       10 Days of Offers until the end of April

click the above picture from now until the end of April to find out with new birthday deals the LoveHoney folk have in store for us!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

whats coming soon...

As i keep saying over and over again, i have got big plans for this blog and while i may have been a bit quiet on here. i have not been so quiet behind the scenes!

I've been thinking of blog ideas, looking for daily naughty bargains to inform you all of, which you can find via my twitter account (@MsDiamondsBlog) which is also linked to here in on the top right hand corner so if you don't have twitter you can still keep up with the sexy bargains to be had!

I have been looking into other companies and products of all things naughty to widen my horizon and to bring to you more information, great products, trusted companies and excellent deals.

As you can see the blog is also looking quiet different and I'm quiet happy with it, i just need to get T to sort my banner out so it fits in and then i think i will be happy with it! :)

So what do you have to look forward to from me?

1)A review for some new lube by givelube! which they kindly sent me to test out for them. :)

2)A series of blog posts on the topics of poly relationships, being a mistress and slave, having your own online sex toy shop and being a sex chat line worker. in this series of blog posts the in put will be from people living these lifestyles answering
the questions i think most people would want to ask.

3)Hopefully more reviews

4) and maybe a little blog comp with a buzzy prize!



Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Follow me on twitter!

Hello you lovely lot!

just another quick one from me, promise you will get a lovely lengthy blog post from me very soon, but am still busy trying to get this blog up to scratch again! and T who is a web developer promised he would do some work on my blog for me, but has he touched it? nooooooooooo!

anyway i now have a twitter account for all of you to follow me on which i do use every day pretty much! my twitter is @Msdiamondsblog i have also started to do a daily hash tag that is all about sex toy bargains to be had every single day!

so look out for this #AdultBargainAlert to make sure you grab yourself some hot sexy bargains!

hope your keeping well! and look out for a review from me very soon thanks to the lovely givelube people!

Monday, 2 April 2012


just to let you guys all know Lovehoney have got a massive sale on....

Lovehoney Winter Sale!
go grab yourselves a bargain or two or three ;-)