Friday, 27 April 2012

Information on a series of blog posts coming to you over the coming weeks...

I have been busy the last few weeks thinking about blog posts i have been wanting to write for a while and have finally plucked up the courage to go about writing them!

over the coming weeks I'm going to be publishing blog posts i have written from interviews i have conducted with the following folks

- A online sex toy retailer
- A mistress
- A slave
- Folks who are poly and in poly relationships
- A sex chat operator

The reason for these blog posts are for greater information on these subjects, i don't really know much about them myself and im pretty sure a lot of people don't. so i have decided to ask the questions we have all wanted to ask and know about to give a greater understanding about these topics.

keep your eyes pealed over the next day or so for my first blog post in this series which starts with the interview of an owner of a online sextoy company!

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