Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Some New Naughty Treasures...!

My Postman arrived baring many lovely things for me today! I'm such a lucky girl and i cant wait to try everything out! reviews shall follow over at LoveHoney and here as soon as I've given everything a really good couple of uses!

so here is a couple of things that i received in the post today...!

Black currant JimmyJane massage candle! which I've had my eye on for absolutely ages now! it just smells sooooooooooo good! and just looks so expensive and classy. i really cant wait to get this baby lit and for T to brush the warm fragrant massage oil on to my skin and massage me in to peace and tranquility!

"Sqweel" and I've finally got a sqweel! woooo i can now find out if it really is the marmite of sex toys! lol on first inspection i am quite shocked at how soft the tongues actually are! nothing like what i was expecting, which is actually a good thing! lol i love that in comes in a tin and that it also comes with some lube to try!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Working On A Little Something Special...! UPDATE

I'm just so excited, that I've got to let it all out and tell someone! So who better then you lovely guys who read my blog!

I’ve been asked to work on something by one of my all time favourite websites! my work will included so many of the things I enjoy like; shopping, helping people, putting together outfits and styles and all with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in!

And keeping everything crossed that if I can really make it something good and not a pile of poo, you will all get to see it to! :-D

Don't want to say much more just yet, in case I don't pull it off!

So wish me luck and keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and hopefully watch this space!




Just to give you all a little update on this,

everything seems to have gone really well and you should all be able to see just what I've been working on very very soon!

watch this space! :-D


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Believing In Yourself...!

I want to share with you something rather special to me, that means a lot and actually pretty much sum's me up personally really well.

It's also something that i came across in a rather strange and unusual way but some how makes it much more special and important to me!

A good few years ago i went with my mum and her friend to go see "a night of clairvoyance's" I had been a few time but nothing really amazing happened, and to be honest i wasn't really sure if i believed in any of it or not.

However on this night the medium (who I had never seen before and certainly didn't know and who didn't know of me or my mum or her friend) said that she normally opens the evening differently to how she was going to but she didn't know why, but she just had this strong urge to read out from this sheet of paper with something written on it she had came across earlier that day.

She then went on to read out from the sheet of paper and what she wrote pretty much blew me away, she was describing me so much it was just unreal. so much so that i had my mum whispering out of the side of her mouth that "its just like shes describing you" or "that's you down to a tee".

After finishing reading from her sheet of paper, she said she was now going to start going to people she had massages for. after about a minute i was the first person for her to say she had to come to...

now I'm going to be totally honest with you, i don't actually really remember everything what she said to me that night, its been so long ago. The only thing that i remember and what stays with me to this day is when she said that she had to give me the sheet of paper, it was meant for me and for me to keep reading it and to keep believing in myself...


Believe In Yourself

There may be days
when you get up in the morning
and things aren't the way
you had hoped they would be.

That's when you have to
tell yourself that things will get better.
There are time when people
disappoint you and let you down.

But those are the times
when you must remind yourself
to trust your own judgments and

To keep your life focused on
believing in yourself.

There will be challenges to face
and changes to make in you life,
And it is up to you to accept them.

Constantly keep yourself headed
in the right direction for you.
It may not be easy at time,
but in those times of struggle
you will find a stronger sense of
who you are.

So when the days come that are filled
with frustration and unexpected responsibilities
remember to believe in yourself
and all you want your life to be.

Because the challenges and changes
will only help you to find the goals
that you know are meant to come true
for you.

Keep Believing In Yourself.



i still don't know what i believe, but i do think i was meant to go that night, and i do think she came across the above to give to me.

it being signed with just "anonymous" at the end i like to think just adds a little bit more spookiness to it all!

But its words do really help and mean a lot to me, I'm a person who has a lots of ups and downs and goes through the many emotions and thoughts talked about in this.

But i just read this and it reminds me to believe in myself and that things will get better.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fantasy Shopping Spree...! (part two)!

After them sexy shoes and lingerie you have to keep with the sexy theme, so I headed over to Lovehoney!
Where the sqweel would make it from my wish list into my shopping basket! It's been sitting in my wish list for a while now, it's one of them items for me where I'm just not sure if i would like it or not. I just cant help thinking that it could be a little uncomfy and maybe even painful to have them 10 tongues slapping down on your clit. But most people are saying that its better then the rabbit and is just sheer orgasmic. The verdicts out for me yet until i get to try one (and at £39.99 im going to have to start saving them pennies). But i have a feeling the sqweel is going to be like marmite, your either love it or hate it!

Then i would add one of them massage candles, i have blogged about in the past. My choice would be either the strawberry or cherry Earthly body lickable massage candles as they look really cute and at a much more affordable £12.99 then the other massage candles out there. i just cant help wondering what it would feel like to have a warm oily wax dripped on to my skin and massaged all over it. its got to be better then the normal cold massage oil poured over your back, (unless i just have a mean OH)?!

And as I'm a lovely girlfriend i would pop the Tracey Cox supersex stroker into my basket for T! and of course it has nothing to do with me being a total perv and love watching and using these kinda toys with/on T! And with this being a Tracey Cox item it is bound to be amazing! i love the fact that its a two way toy, which gives you much more choice and at £12.99 you getting two toys for the price of one! another bonus is gotta be the fact its going to be a lot lighter then T's fleshlight!

Next stop, Hotel Chocolat! where i would treat myself to The Milk Oblivion selection box!
32 chocolates of the finest milk chocolates ranging from different cocoa levels. With fillings including caramel, honey, cinnamon, coconut, zesty orange, and melt-in-the-mouth pralines as of just a few to be named, I'm sure this is the yummiest treat box around. heaven in a box that does come with a £19.50 price tag. but I'm sure every penny would be tastefully well spent!

Last stop would be to buy some DVDs to watch while eating them yummy heavenly chocolates! and the best mix of DVDs to go with chocolates is some good old chick flicks, like school for seduction and the wedding date! along with them DVDs i would also fling in as many of the Only Fools and Horses specials DVDs in that i could afford to go up to with my £250 limit.

So that's how i would blow £250 if i had it! :P


Fantasy Shopping Spree... (part one)!

I've been feelings a bit... well down in the dumps to be honest and just really fed up today. So what better ways to cheer a girl up then shopping? Sadly the weather is rather rubbish and I'm skint at the moment so I've had to contend my self with a bit of online window shopping! And oh boy do i wish i had a spare £250 to blow on the following items...!

My first blow out would be on some of these lovely lush goodies...

Butterball Bath Ballistics
These smell so nice and have bits of coco butter in them that with the heat from your body and bath water; will melt into your skin leaving you feeling all silky and smooth! And at £2.25 a ballistics it makes them a right steal!

Next in to my basket would be some Curly Wurly shampoo and some American Cream Conditioner! I've got long, really curly hair that's just a nightmare but this stuff is meant to be the bees knees for us curly wurlys.And being from Lush its just bound to smell Divine! And the conditioner is said to be a double strength cocktail of goodness! full of the scents of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges. Along with boasting to be able to smooth out and untangle any hair types. They both come with pretty nice price tags as well though with the curly wurly coming in at £8.60 and the American Cream at £7.60! would just love to find out if there really as good as there said to be and worth the money!

Last thing to add to the basket before checking out would be some Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel. Made from all natural ingredients, which include fresh strawberries, soothing honey, moisturizing almond oil and rejuvenating olibanum. With Lush saying its the yummiest shower cream around and with all them lovely ingredients and a price of £3.10 this is most defiantly a most try for me!

Next big spend would be on these shoes
which are £60 and from office! I love these but sadly i don't think i could stand up in them, let alone walk in them! But they would just look so stunning with a little black dress; Or even better with just some sexy lingerie.

Talking of sexy lingerie that brings me to my next fantasy purchase, this lingerie set from velvet affair. I've not had any new really sexy lingerie for ages and this set isn't like anything I own. Being plus size i find it very hard to find nice, modern, sexy and most importantly affordable lingerie. But i think Ive found some here with this set, at just a mere £22.00! complete bargain! And one spending spree I'm sure T would approve of! I also quite like the wrap the model is wearing with the set, but i have so many wraps i really don't see the point of buying yet another one, hmmm....

Saturday, 13 February 2010

My Review For The Fabulous Booty Parlour Melt Chocolate Body Fondoue!

Well your just about to read my review for the the excellent chocolate fondue
, which is part of the Booty Parlor range being sold over at Lovehoney! I've got to admit ever since I've seen the booty parlour range I've wanted to try it and so when i got this sent out to me and after testing it, its really wanted me to have the whole Booty Parlour range! (so much so that most of it is now on my wish list)!

Chocolate heaven...

Wow this is one of the most stunning, classy and well packaged items I have ever received! In a small red box with black detailing comes this most heavenly chocolate experience you are yet to taste and enjoy! Even down to the glass jar that contains the yummy chocolate fondue and tiny but soft body brush, it screams class, sexiness and high quality! Making you want to come back more to the booty parlour range!

The chocolate fondue is just out of the world, this is not just some cheap rude food this is chocolate excellence! I’m not kidding you when I say that this has tasted better then some of the finest Belgium chocolates I have had in the past. It is a dark and shockingly low fat chocolate! (Yes, low fat! Who knew something so low in fat could taste just so good)?

Now on to the painting, the chocolate fondue is of a lovely consistency, it’s a lot less thicker then the body paints I have come across making the “painting” much more easier and with the use of the “paint” brush included it’s a real doddle to get painting your moaning Lisa (or Larry)!

To sum this product up, it’s simply classy, tasteful, quality and an experience! Making you want to come back for seconds and thirds of the booty parlour range!

What did you like about it?
I loved everything about this booty parlour item!

What didn't you like about it?
There is nothing not to like about this product.

Overall, how would you sum it up?
Class, elegance, tasteful, quality, an experience, simply a must have!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Top 5 Gems And Jewels!

Well as this is my treasure chest full of my naughty gems and jewels I though it would only be fair to share with you some of my favourite items!

so here are my top 5 gorgeous gems and jewels that i treasure....

At number one...

it has to be Lovehoneys Jessica rabbit 2.0 rabbit vibrator!
This was my third rabbit and by far the best rabbit I've ever had! i can't recommend it highly enoth as you can see by my review for lovehoney here. Simply great to use on your own for a bit of solo play but can be even better using it with your partner; esp if you and your partner enjoy watching each other. ;-) And I cant be the only one who thinks its bloody brilliant as it has 4 and a half stars approval from a 5 star rating over at Lovehoney! Along with being the winner of the sex toy awards in 2009!

Number two...

Is a lush massage bar Just before Christmas I bought the sexy boy massage bar (which you can see in the picture). It really smells divine, with lush saying it’s meant to smell of white chocolate with a hint of lime, and I would have to agree with them. sadly they are no longer selling the sexy boy massage boy as it was limited edition for Christmas but be sure to look out for him, in Xmas 2010! The massage bars are so lovely as there solid but melt on contact with skin to a gorgeous smelling oil. each massage bar is packed full of cocoa butter and Shea butter along with lots of other fantastic products, perfect for a romantic night in with your loved one.

At Number three...

Is a good quality scented candle! There nothing like a nice scented candle to set the mood and aroma for some naughty times with your other half or even yourself! they set the perfect lighting (everyone looks good by candle light) and add such an ambiance! I also love scented candles as who doesn't love a room to smell gorgeous?! I love vanilla candles for when ever we get up to anything naughty but romantic, though i don't like a really heavy sent just light enoth to evoke the senses. I have of late come across massage candles, when melted you can dip a small brush or poor the melted wax on to your partner; but in fact its a special wax that turns in to a massage oil. I'm dieing to try one of these but they have just been to expensive for me to buy! But that is about to change as LoveHoney now have a range of massage candles for just £12.99!
Number four...

One of the biggest gems I've ever found for my naughty treasure chest has got to be Liquid Silk lube! This is the only lube I've ever known to be totally none sticky and long lasting. Its just so smooth and moisturising and worth every single penny! It is one of the most highest rated lubes on Lovehoney with over 50 real reviews including one of mine! The pump action bottle is another little jewel as it makes use so much easier, no fluffing around with unscrewing or flipping lids, just one pump and away you go!

Number five...

The Tracey Cox range! Ive got many items in the Tracey Cox range over at Lovehoney and every toy i have from that range has been truly amazing and so well made and of the highest quality! And not only is there the fabulous toys but there is also a number of better sex books, including the fabulous Tracey cox karma sutra. There is also a range of Tracey cox lubes (which i am yet to try). The range now even has toys for men! (which is on my wish list for T)! She even dabbles with a bit of a bondage line! quite simply the Tracey cox range has something for everyone and i have truly been impressed, so much so that i keep buying from the range.

So there you have it, five of my most treasured items!


Friday, 5 February 2010

The Start Of An Adventure...!

Hello there, and welcome to my Blog!

well my name is diamonds and this is my first ever post on my first ever blog and i don't really have a clue what to write to kick start everything! (though I've got some really great ideas for blog posts to come)!

all i can say is that in my blog, I'm going to be blogging about a whole mixture of things, things to me that are jewels and sometimes naughty hidden gems; and where do you keep your gems and jewels....? in a treasure chest of course!

so that's it, bear with me I'm hoping to make this great!

i hope you enjoy...