Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fantasy Shopping Spree...! (part two)!

After them sexy shoes and lingerie you have to keep with the sexy theme, so I headed over to Lovehoney!
Where the sqweel would make it from my wish list into my shopping basket! It's been sitting in my wish list for a while now, it's one of them items for me where I'm just not sure if i would like it or not. I just cant help thinking that it could be a little uncomfy and maybe even painful to have them 10 tongues slapping down on your clit. But most people are saying that its better then the rabbit and is just sheer orgasmic. The verdicts out for me yet until i get to try one (and at £39.99 im going to have to start saving them pennies). But i have a feeling the sqweel is going to be like marmite, your either love it or hate it!

Then i would add one of them massage candles, i have blogged about in the past. My choice would be either the strawberry or cherry Earthly body lickable massage candles as they look really cute and at a much more affordable £12.99 then the other massage candles out there. i just cant help wondering what it would feel like to have a warm oily wax dripped on to my skin and massaged all over it. its got to be better then the normal cold massage oil poured over your back, (unless i just have a mean OH)?!

And as I'm a lovely girlfriend i would pop the Tracey Cox supersex stroker into my basket for T! and of course it has nothing to do with me being a total perv and love watching and using these kinda toys with/on T! And with this being a Tracey Cox item it is bound to be amazing! i love the fact that its a two way toy, which gives you much more choice and at £12.99 you getting two toys for the price of one! another bonus is gotta be the fact its going to be a lot lighter then T's fleshlight!

Next stop, Hotel Chocolat! where i would treat myself to The Milk Oblivion selection box!
32 chocolates of the finest milk chocolates ranging from different cocoa levels. With fillings including caramel, honey, cinnamon, coconut, zesty orange, and melt-in-the-mouth pralines as of just a few to be named, I'm sure this is the yummiest treat box around. heaven in a box that does come with a £19.50 price tag. but I'm sure every penny would be tastefully well spent!

Last stop would be to buy some DVDs to watch while eating them yummy heavenly chocolates! and the best mix of DVDs to go with chocolates is some good old chick flicks, like school for seduction and the wedding date! along with them DVDs i would also fling in as many of the Only Fools and Horses specials DVDs in that i could afford to go up to with my £250 limit.

So that's how i would blow £250 if i had it! :P



  1. 'Milk Oblivion' - Possibly the best name for a box of chocolates ever!

  2. The cherry massage candle is to die for! Also, as well as hotel chocolat, look up montezumas. Amazing chocolate mmmmmmmm

    J x