Monday, 22 February 2010

Working On A Little Something Special...! UPDATE

I'm just so excited, that I've got to let it all out and tell someone! So who better then you lovely guys who read my blog!

I’ve been asked to work on something by one of my all time favourite websites! my work will included so many of the things I enjoy like; shopping, helping people, putting together outfits and styles and all with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in!

And keeping everything crossed that if I can really make it something good and not a pile of poo, you will all get to see it to! :-D

Don't want to say much more just yet, in case I don't pull it off!

So wish me luck and keep your fingers and toes crossed for me and hopefully watch this space!




Just to give you all a little update on this,

everything seems to have gone really well and you should all be able to see just what I've been working on very very soon!

watch this space! :-D


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