Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fantasy Shopping Spree... (part one)!

I've been feelings a bit... well down in the dumps to be honest and just really fed up today. So what better ways to cheer a girl up then shopping? Sadly the weather is rather rubbish and I'm skint at the moment so I've had to contend my self with a bit of online window shopping! And oh boy do i wish i had a spare £250 to blow on the following items...!

My first blow out would be on some of these lovely lush goodies...

Butterball Bath Ballistics
These smell so nice and have bits of coco butter in them that with the heat from your body and bath water; will melt into your skin leaving you feeling all silky and smooth! And at £2.25 a ballistics it makes them a right steal!

Next in to my basket would be some Curly Wurly shampoo and some American Cream Conditioner! I've got long, really curly hair that's just a nightmare but this stuff is meant to be the bees knees for us curly wurlys.And being from Lush its just bound to smell Divine! And the conditioner is said to be a double strength cocktail of goodness! full of the scents of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges. Along with boasting to be able to smooth out and untangle any hair types. They both come with pretty nice price tags as well though with the curly wurly coming in at £8.60 and the American Cream at £7.60! would just love to find out if there really as good as there said to be and worth the money!

Last thing to add to the basket before checking out would be some Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel. Made from all natural ingredients, which include fresh strawberries, soothing honey, moisturizing almond oil and rejuvenating olibanum. With Lush saying its the yummiest shower cream around and with all them lovely ingredients and a price of £3.10 this is most defiantly a most try for me!

Next big spend would be on these shoes
which are £60 and from office! I love these but sadly i don't think i could stand up in them, let alone walk in them! But they would just look so stunning with a little black dress; Or even better with just some sexy lingerie.

Talking of sexy lingerie that brings me to my next fantasy purchase, this lingerie set from velvet affair. I've not had any new really sexy lingerie for ages and this set isn't like anything I own. Being plus size i find it very hard to find nice, modern, sexy and most importantly affordable lingerie. But i think Ive found some here with this set, at just a mere £22.00! complete bargain! And one spending spree I'm sure T would approve of! I also quite like the wrap the model is wearing with the set, but i have so many wraps i really don't see the point of buying yet another one, hmmm....

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