Thursday, 18 February 2010

Believing In Yourself...!

I want to share with you something rather special to me, that means a lot and actually pretty much sum's me up personally really well.

It's also something that i came across in a rather strange and unusual way but some how makes it much more special and important to me!

A good few years ago i went with my mum and her friend to go see "a night of clairvoyance's" I had been a few time but nothing really amazing happened, and to be honest i wasn't really sure if i believed in any of it or not.

However on this night the medium (who I had never seen before and certainly didn't know and who didn't know of me or my mum or her friend) said that she normally opens the evening differently to how she was going to but she didn't know why, but she just had this strong urge to read out from this sheet of paper with something written on it she had came across earlier that day.

She then went on to read out from the sheet of paper and what she wrote pretty much blew me away, she was describing me so much it was just unreal. so much so that i had my mum whispering out of the side of her mouth that "its just like shes describing you" or "that's you down to a tee".

After finishing reading from her sheet of paper, she said she was now going to start going to people she had massages for. after about a minute i was the first person for her to say she had to come to...

now I'm going to be totally honest with you, i don't actually really remember everything what she said to me that night, its been so long ago. The only thing that i remember and what stays with me to this day is when she said that she had to give me the sheet of paper, it was meant for me and for me to keep reading it and to keep believing in myself...


Believe In Yourself

There may be days
when you get up in the morning
and things aren't the way
you had hoped they would be.

That's when you have to
tell yourself that things will get better.
There are time when people
disappoint you and let you down.

But those are the times
when you must remind yourself
to trust your own judgments and

To keep your life focused on
believing in yourself.

There will be challenges to face
and changes to make in you life,
And it is up to you to accept them.

Constantly keep yourself headed
in the right direction for you.
It may not be easy at time,
but in those times of struggle
you will find a stronger sense of
who you are.

So when the days come that are filled
with frustration and unexpected responsibilities
remember to believe in yourself
and all you want your life to be.

Because the challenges and changes
will only help you to find the goals
that you know are meant to come true
for you.

Keep Believing In Yourself.



i still don't know what i believe, but i do think i was meant to go that night, and i do think she came across the above to give to me.

it being signed with just "anonymous" at the end i like to think just adds a little bit more spookiness to it all!

But its words do really help and mean a lot to me, I'm a person who has a lots of ups and downs and goes through the many emotions and thoughts talked about in this.

But i just read this and it reminds me to believe in myself and that things will get better.

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