Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Some New Naughty Treasures...!

My Postman arrived baring many lovely things for me today! I'm such a lucky girl and i cant wait to try everything out! reviews shall follow over at LoveHoney and here as soon as I've given everything a really good couple of uses!

so here is a couple of things that i received in the post today...!

Black currant JimmyJane massage candle! which I've had my eye on for absolutely ages now! it just smells sooooooooooo good! and just looks so expensive and classy. i really cant wait to get this baby lit and for T to brush the warm fragrant massage oil on to my skin and massage me in to peace and tranquility!

"Sqweel" and I've finally got a sqweel! woooo i can now find out if it really is the marmite of sex toys! lol on first inspection i am quite shocked at how soft the tongues actually are! nothing like what i was expecting, which is actually a good thing! lol i love that in comes in a tin and that it also comes with some lube to try!

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