Monday, 1 March 2010

Yay! i actually have people following my blog...!

Hello lovely followers! :-D

I cant tell you how lovely it is for me to come on here today and see that i have 7 public followers!!!! (i wander how many if any at all follower me anonymously?)

it is rather a shock to know that people are actually here reading what i have to say, and liking what i have to say enoth to follow me! so thank you very much!

it was also really lovely to hear from a good friend of mine, that she has had several people tell her, that my blogs been a hit and that they all really enjoy my blog!

Ive already had some good things come out of this blogs short start in life already, which if everything goes to plan you shall all see this Monday coming! (that's Monday the 8th of march! the low down and links to follow soon if all goes well and to plan)!

one of the biggest reasons I'm so happy people seem to like this blog and want to keep reading what i have to say, is because I'm dyslexic and so I've always found writing, esp spelling and grammar rather difficult in my life and have always struggled with my eduction, exams and getting people to understand what I'm trying to and saying in writing.

But this blog and what i have been working on thanks to this blog, goes to show that my dyslexia cant hold me back and that people really do understand and are interested in what i think and have to say.

So thank you followers for giving me some lovely opportunity's, for listening to what i have to say (well reading ;-) ) and most of all for building up some more confidence in me!

please keep following, keep commenting and enjoying!

once again




  1. That's wonderful to read hun- you are damn right to be chuffed! Your blog is amazing.
    Now, be a sweetie and return the favour by checking out my new scribbles and let me know what you think.
    Keep on being shiny and gorgeous - love XXX

  2. Well, it's worth reading! x

  3. Your blog is great hun, and I luuurrrrve your header, it's fab! BLC ♥