Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ms Diamonds, your personal shopping help is requested...! (1#)

Just days after my some what of a surprise hit of a guest blog over at LoveHoney, offering advice and help on peoples sexy style and shopping needs.

I was contacted by a fellow blogger, Mistress Cara to help put an outfit together for a meal in a rather swanky restaurant, she will be attending for her slave Minnie's birthday.

So what do you dress a Mistress in, while out at a posh restaurant? well that's simple a power suit outfit is most defiantly in need, but power suits with there big shoulder pads and over sized collars are just so 1980s.

So here's my twist on power dressing for the today's women...

A really good fitted blouse and for this outfit I'm going to go for a white long sleeved one, like this one from
T M Lewin.

Now we tuck that white shirt in to a pair of black wide leg trousers with attached braces. This will keep a really nice sharp powerful look flowing not to mention adding lots sex appeal!

Now my favourite bit, the accessorising! to me accessorising makes and completes an outfit and i have picked what i think of some really lovely things for this out!

My first must have accessory for this outfit is, these shoes! I have picked these really high fuck me shoes, to add a bit of naughtiness to the outfit. they will also add some really amazing height and have a heel to make the slave flinch in public!

To go with them fab shoes, i have picked out this gorgeous feather clutch bag! i think this will look so stunning, so sexy, so elegant and most importantly add some femininity to this power hungry outfit.

Now on to the best bit, adding a the finishing touches! adding the bling! and what better bling is there, then diamond bling?! and boy does this outfit come with a lot of diamonds!

My first touch of classy diamonds comes from these diamond cuff links! These will look amazing against the white long sleeves of the shirt and some real sparkle to the out fit!

my next bits of lovely sparkly Diamond blingness, is this most stunning diamond encrusted look ring!

And this pair of large diamond look stud earrings That will look just so sexy and elegant with hair that is worn up in a french pleat!

so there you have it, my modern day diamond encrusted power outfit!


  1. Oh my god! That's amazing. Thank you so much. Some wonderful inspiration there! I'll drag minnie out shopping on Saturday and take your advice for sure! Thank you, you shopping guru genius! :) xxxxx

  2. Thank You Ms Diamonds! What a great choice for an already beautiful Mistress. It will be a birthday to remember! Cara's minnie