Monday, 8 March 2010

Coming to a website near you...! UPDATE

well todays the day! you shall all see what i have been excited about and going on about for the last few weeks!

i would ask of you to all watch this space and head back here at about 11.30 am for linkage (if all goes well and to plan)!

i really hope you all enjoy it!

and i would love to hear any feedback you have for me once youve seen it!

keep watching this post for updates!


Well its live and heres the link for my guest blog
over at lovehoney!





  1. Brilliant D. You should be really proud, least I know who to come to for advice when Erotica 2010 come round :)

    Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog x

  2. please do feel free to ask for any shopping/outfit advice! its something i really enjoy alot!

    and i love your blog! so expect more comments from me! :-)