Monday, 15 March 2010

About being in love and being sexually out of action...

Next month i shall be having a Major operation on my stomach and so i shall be out of action in the bedroom department for a while.

This will be the first time in mine and T's nearly 2 year long relationship where we actually cant have sex and even though of course our relationship isn't about sex, sex is part of a healthy happy relationship.

so all of this has made me wonder how it will effect mine and T's relationship. T says it wont at all, that its not like I've imposed a sex ban but am actually not able to because of being unwell/recovering.

However me being a complete worry wort, is scared that T might go off me and or look else where. which of course he wont as his not some selfish sex mad bastard!

I however am just someone who always thinks of the worst and negatively and no matter of how much reassurance i get, i always have trouble accepting it.

T loves me a lot i think, i know i love him with all my heart and i don't know what i would do without him. as he makes me laugh everyday, gives the most amazing hugs I've ever had, enjoys and wants to spend time with me, likes shopping, lets me turn over the football when its on even though I'm at his flat and its his TV and that he wants us to get a flat and live together!

from the silly little things to the massive ones they all make me love, enjoy and want to be with T and i think and hope its the same for him, so yes i am being silly and worrying for nothing. Cos if we feel the same for each other i know i wouldn't go off him or look else where if it was him that was out of action.



  1. Aww, sucks to hear you're gonna be out of action for a bit. Sounds like you'll make it through it though, and it'll be great once you're able to have sex again!

    I dont know how out of action you're going to be, but there's things like oral, mutual masturbation, toys, and all sorts of other stuff you might be able to entertain each other wig if sex isn't an option because of your op.

  2. Thank for the comment :-) i know theres other things we can do (am thinking of a blog post to come actually about this lol).

    But with the type of op im having i really wont want anything in my mouth that might results in stuff ending up in my tummy ;-) lol and also ive been told i wont be able to bend my body much or lift my arms up much as of all the pulling on the tummy.

    so im not to sure what i be able to get up to! im sure where find a way ;-) and he already has a few toys he can use if needs be!

    hopefuly only be out of action for a few weeks, ive not been brave enoth to ask about sex yet at the hospital! lol


  3. Both Gee and I have had abdominal surgery in the past couple of years (me gallbladder, him hernia) so know how you feel.
    I'm certain that your T is the kind of guy that will be happy to give you loads of hugs and TLC until you are recovered, so your fears are unfounded. And just imagine, once you are all better, how fantastic the sex is going to be.
    Wishing you the very best of luck and a speedy recovery xxx

  4. Thinking of you hun. Sounds like you have a good man there. My man stood by me when I had the baby and also through a miscarriage and I've been out of action for a while before. It's you he loves not the ability to have sex :) You're a strong person, inspirational and motivation and never forget that. I'm here if you ever want to chat or just vent some worries/anger/whatever. Hugs for you xxxxxx

  5. thank you for your comments and kind words and well wishes :-)


  6. The sex you will have when your all healed up and feeling better will be so awesome sweetie, it will make the whole thing seem worthwhile x