Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags UPDATE...!

Hello folks

i just though i would give you a bit of an update to my previous post about the Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags.

The main update about the Crazy Random Grab Bags is that they have in fact increased in price, the are now selling for £24.99!

The update is that the female bags are currently on pre order, and are not being sent out until about the 27th of August and are also limited to one per customer!

The other bit of news is that the other bags in the range will all be going live over next week and the following weeks after.

it seems that Lovehoney.co.uk will be selling them one bag at a time and doing it on a pre-order basis and limiting the different types of bags as one per customer.

so if you want to try and gt your hands on a Crazy Random Grab bag from lovehoney.co.uk click here!

however i do have some brilliant news, which is that Sextoys.co.uk still have all of there secret swag bags in stock and still for only just £20.00! not only that there ready to be dispatched straight away and have no limitations on the amount of bags you can purchases per customer.

I have also been informed they still have many high end items including toys from the Lelo and Tenga ranges to be sent out in some of there secret swag bags! so get yours today by clicking here!

hope this helps you guys out who are interested in these types of goodies and if you get your hands on some of these goodies bags please let me know what you got in them and where you got them from as im a nosey moo! :-)

happy shopping folks!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Secret Swag Bags and Crazy Random Grab Bags...!

I am a member of a couple of forums and these two bags full of naughty goodies have been the topic of many discussions. and at the moment are one of the hot topics as people are waiting for the crazy random grab bags to come back in to stock.

Each Bag from either company are full of completely secret and random toys from vibrators, dildos, masturbators, butt plugs, fetish items and lubes. You just don't know what you're gonna get but what both companies grantee is that it will be worth at least twice as much as you paid!

And there has been reports of some pretty high end items in bags from both companies, i myself got a we vibe 2 in my female bag and my OH got a very expensive high end pair of fake boobies worth £100 in his! (however i have the only boobies his aloud so they had to go :P lol).

Sextoys.co.uk bag of goodies are called the Secret Swag Bag and they offer five different types of bags...






They are all priced at £20.00 each and all are currently in stock at the moment, just waiting to be bought and shipped out! you can get yours by clicking here!

LoveHoney.co.uk sell the Crazy Random Grab Bags and they also offer five different types of bags

.Male Toys

.Female Toys

.couples Toys

.Bondage Toys

.Anal Toys

They are all priced at £19.99 each however they are all completely out of stock at the moment, there is a rumor that the bags will be back very soon, some even saying this week! keep looking at this link here to get yours when there back in stock!

a very fun and exciting offer that i thought i would share with all of you, go on treat yourself to something completely secret and random and let me know what you got!


Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Review of the Vibe Therapy serene 7 Function Silicone Twist Vibrator.

Here is my Review for the Vibe Therapy Serene 7 Function Silicone Twist Vibrator.

I have been really lucky to be able to test this toy out for sextoys.co.uk and what a pleasure it really has been to test!

First of all the delivery service from sextoys.co.uk is simply amazing, it is very fast and hugely discreet. No one will know what naughty purchases you have made, which if like me and you still live at home with parents or with others is simply a must have when buying this kind of products.

Now on to the toy, it comes in the most stylish white packaging with colourful swirls and bold classy writing, which is also not excessive in anyway, which many other toy ranges should take notice of!

Once out of its classy box and in my hands I could feel and see just how well made this toy is and of the richness in its quality. The silicone in which this toy is made of is of the highest medical grade standard. The vibe is surprisingly firm considering that when you run your hand over it feel oh so silky soft. The ridges are exactly the same; firm but so soft that they will not cause anything other then pleasure.

Now on the controls of this vibe,
They are like the rest of this toy, simple, perfect, classy and easy to use. You have two buttons, one to turn the vibe on or off and then a large button that you can change the toys many settings to. This button also lights up when the vibe is on and according to what setting you have it on, it will do different things, for instance on just vibration setting it will stay on however switch to a pulse setting and the light will flicker in time with that setting. Very handy when you find your favourite setting and know what to look for when you want to find it again!

The vibrations settings and pulses on this vibe are simply lovely; there will be a setting for everyone with this toy, from soft vibrations and pulses to extremely powerful ones. So most defiantly something from everyone with this toy, and not only does it offer such a wide range of speeds and settings it is also not an overly noisy toy either.

This is however a rather large toy, it most defiantly has a very large girth, compared to my other toys but I wouldn’t let this put you off if you have problems taking larger toys as this makes for an extremely lovely clitoral toy. I do also think that if you was very relaxed and used lube this would be a fabulous toy for giving you some g spot stimulation as it has a lovely shape to it and has them stimulating raised twists.

Overall this is an extremely classy luxury vibe that I highly recommend, to me it has no bad points that I can see at all and its not often you find a toy that is perfect from its packaging to its vibration to its noise level.

Simply put it makes for an excellent edition to my hugely over filled toy box and which I feel will be come one of my all time favorite and I am sure yours too.

To Buy your very own Vibe Therapy serene twist vibe from sextoys.co.uk click here!


Monday, 16 August 2010

This months book for my erotic book club is...!

Hey folks :-)

I am so sorry that i am so late in letting you guys know which book the erotic book group am part of is reading this month. its just typical isn't it, when you have lots of stuff to do you lose your net!

Well this months book is The Education of Victoria By Angela Meadows.

The story is about a English women called Victoria who is sent to a finishing school for young ladies, where she thinks she will learn how to become a good wife. however she soon starts to learn a lot more then cooking, how to run a house and needle work.

Victoria along with her french school friend soon learn the real way to a mans heart and they both follow there lessons with enthusiasm.

Through Victoria's education at continental Venus School for Young Ladies she soon discovers her feelings, longings and wants of her own.

So when Victoria's father's business meets disaster she uses her new found talents to survive...

You can Buy you copy of this months book by clicking here, for just £4.99 for this month! and don't forget once you've read The Education Of Victoria come over to The Vibe via this Link and come and talk about it with everyone else who is part of The Vibes, Erotic book club!

you might also like to add a Lady finger vibe for just £2.45 to help relive the sexual tension that's sure to mount up while your reading this months book!