Monday, 16 August 2010

This months book for my erotic book club is...!

Hey folks :-)

I am so sorry that i am so late in letting you guys know which book the erotic book group am part of is reading this month. its just typical isn't it, when you have lots of stuff to do you lose your net!

Well this months book is The Education of Victoria By Angela Meadows.

The story is about a English women called Victoria who is sent to a finishing school for young ladies, where she thinks she will learn how to become a good wife. however she soon starts to learn a lot more then cooking, how to run a house and needle work.

Victoria along with her french school friend soon learn the real way to a mans heart and they both follow there lessons with enthusiasm.

Through Victoria's education at continental Venus School for Young Ladies she soon discovers her feelings, longings and wants of her own.

So when Victoria's father's business meets disaster she uses her new found talents to survive...

You can Buy you copy of this months book by clicking here, for just £4.99 for this month! and don't forget once you've read The Education Of Victoria come over to The Vibe via this Link and come and talk about it with everyone else who is part of The Vibes, Erotic book club!

you might also like to add a Lady finger vibe for just £2.45 to help relive the sexual tension that's sure to mount up while your reading this months book!


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  1. Great post! Glad you enjoyed the book :)
    Good to see you back blogging again!