Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Naughty Treasures...!

Well its been a while since I've last blogged, but I've finally started to feel like i can get back in to my blogging. so to ease my self in i thought i would share some pictures with you of my very naughty treasures!

Here's the boys toys...

which are the Tracy cox super sex stroker, The head honcho, the Tera Patrick fleshlight, a lusting kiss and The Tube!

Here are the condoms, lubes, body paints and massage lotions...

Next we have the sex Dice, naughty playing cards, an adult game and naughty DVD...

Now on to the bondage section...

And finally we have the rabbits, the sqweel, We Vibe 2, the cock rings, bullets, dildos, glass and probably much much more....

so there is my naughty collection of treasures! have you spotted anything you have got yourself already? or anything there that is on your wish list of goodies you really want?

i know not a huge post, but i will get back to my old blogging ways. this ones just to break the ice!

hope youve enjoyed looking at my bits...! (:P )



  1. That's a wonderful looking collection Ms. Diamonds, I'm terribly jealous!

    I recognise the We-Vibe there, and some basic SQWERTY cleaner (excellent product to keep in the bedside drawer), and are those Durex Massage Melts I see there? I haven't used mine yet, but they look lovely, especially after a stressful day. I fear that tomorrow might be one of them...

    As for a wishlist - I'd love to try out a Sqweel, it'd be great to own something different like that. There was quite a lot of excitement when LoveHoney first released information about that little gadget! What were your first thoughts when you bought it - did it live up to expectations?

    -Mimi/ kittikat


  2. What an amazing collection! So jealous of the We Vibe 2 as well! Mmm

    Still think you need to check out some new lubes from



  3. Bloody hell woman!
    That is an amazing load of things! Damn you! lol
    Wish i had more, and wish i had more storage for them all, lol.
    Great pics :)
    x x x