Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It has been to many weeks since I last felt you deep inside me, with nothing between us, just being skin to skin. And now tonight is the night that is thankfully going to change that.

I’ve spent hours getting myself ready for tonight, ready for you, ready to feel your strong manly body against my soft, smooth, delicate skin. Your mouth on mine your tongue gently probing and dancing with mine, your hands running down over my body and back up to my large firm breasts, wandering to my increasingly hardening nipples.

Picking out new underwear that I know you will love, and love even more to un-wrap me from for yourself to devourer me, when the touching and teasing has gotten to much and all you want is to feel me around your hardness. To feel the tightness that you have missed for weeks, the heat that comes from so deep inside me and the wetness that eases you in and then to go deeper and deeper into me.

My hair and make up done to make me look sultry and sexy and so hungry for you and the closeness we have gone with out for so long. Knowing that soon your hands will be in my perfect hair; messing it up and pulling on it. Because my glossy lips are leaving smears of colour all over your shaft from my hungry kisses, licks and sucks, bringing you ever closer to the edge of pure bliss.

Laying out and lighting candles moments before you arrive, I lay down on the clean sheets on the king size bed; waiting for you to arrive, waiting for you to part my legs and go between them while your lips are on my neck and your hard cock just milometer’s away from clit. Waiting for your kisses to arrive to my DD’s and then for your lips to wrap around my hard nipples while you slowly ease your firm cock between my wet lips and gently start to thrust yourself slowly into my tight, wet warmth. Mmm the feeling of nothing between us is amazing and excites us both so much, leading to you to thrust faster, deeper, harder. With my hands gripped on to your arse pushing and pulling you to go deeper in side of me tightening myself around your cock to excite you even more and to bring you closer to orgasm. The feelings and thrusts deepen and fasten and I tighten myself up around you as much as I can bringing us both to orgasm, your hot spunk pumping deep inside my pussy which is throbbing around your shaft coming down from the heights of intense pleasure.

Finally the door to my room opens and the waiting is over, soon we will be together with nothing in-between us at all…

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  1. Oh my god, such a hot, raunchy post. Phew! I love the way this is written, very descriptive, feels almost voyeurish to be reading it. Like I'm actually there. I can feel what you feel, see what you see. You have a talent for writing and your passion shows through. Thank you for sharing this :) xxx